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Active substance: 

ARMODAFINIL 150 mg (improves concentration, increases motivation, reduces fatigue)

Operation time:

about six to eight hours.

Beginning of action after consumption:

The drug starts to work after about 60 minutes.

Number of tablets per blister:

10 tablets (You buy as many tablets as you want, you don't have to buy the whole blister)

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ARTVIGIL-150 is a nootropic drug that works best when you need extra support from the outside for hard mental or physical work. The product is characterized by good tolerance and quick effect. The product can be used both in the morning and in the afternoon. The preparation gives the feeling of happiness and self-confidence. Armodafinil is a safe agent for the human body, so it is very popular with people working and studying. ARTVIGIL 150 helps many people in their busy lives, such as when they're learning, taking exams, or when they need to focus on their work. It also helps to keep a clear mind during the day after a sleepless night or a night full of alcohol, in other words it reduces the mental effects of a "hangover". Many people prefer coffee, coca-cola or an energizing drink at the beginning of the day. However, they contain a lot of sugar, which often results in an increase in weight or well-being. ARTVIGIL 150 has no metabolic problems, so it's also safe for those who care about their appearance and physical condition. What is armodafinil? The active substance armodafinil is a substance derived from modafinil, namely armodafinil is the R molecule of modafinil. This means that armodafinil is more effective than modafinil, it has a longer effect and is better absorbed. This preparation is used in medicine to treat various sleep disorders, moreover, it is sometimes used by people with depression to improve their emotional state. This medicine allows you to organize and organize your day and activities in a proper way. ARTVIGIL 150 helps many people achieve their goals and projects. The duration of action of this drug is about 10-12 hours. It is best to take it about 1-2 hours before the planned mental activity, or immediately after waking up. The tablet should be drunk with water and should not be used together with other stimulants, such as energy drinks or caffeine.

Stress is increasingly common among those working or studying. Pressure at work or during studies causes a lack of concentration and an inability to focus on the necessary action. Daily saturation with emotions and overloading with duties causes reluctance to act. These symptoms only interfere with our daily lives. They also have a direct impact on our intimate life. Fatigue of the body and brain causes a lack of motivation for everyday duties and emotional disorders. It is sometimes worthwhile to reach for preparations such as ARTVIGIL 150 mg. This measure helps us in our private lives and in improving the work of our minds. Users declare no sleepiness all day long and better focus at work. ARTVIGIL 150 mg is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals, a company that is popular and trusted by users in many countries around the world. In addition, the active substance armodafinil has been tested and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2007. This preparation is recommended for treatment of various sleep and concentration disorders. The drug helps to fight fatigue and helps to treat narcolepsy. ARTVIGIL 150 mg improves well-being and motivation. ARTVIGIL 150 mg is especially recommended for travelers and shift workers. ARTVIGIL 150 armodafinil can be used not only by people with various sleep disorders, but also by people who need additional concentration in their mental work. They can be students, scientists or managers. The preparation is also used by people fighting drug addiction or people suffering from various types of depression.

Why is ARTVIGIL 150 recommended?

ARTVIGIL 150 is a highly effective formula. The product is perfect for people dealing with mental work or for students during sessions. An additional reason to purchase and use ARTVIGIL 150 is that the active substance of this preparation armodafinil was certified by the FDA in 2007. ARTVIGIL 150 is very popular with users because it is safe and effective. Armodafinil is the most effective legal daily use preparation. Those who love the ARTVIGIL 150 most appreciate the improvement in humour and concentration that the ARTVIGIL 150 gives them. Users feel more focused and motivated. The preparation helps especially in situations when we have to finish an important project at work or during an examination session. But ARTVIGIL 150 doesn't just help you with exams, it can also help you on the move or in shift work. This drug is very well tolerated by our body and comes from it completely within 24 hours after swallowing the tablet. ARTVIGIL 150 does not interfere with your sleep or rest. ARTVIGIL 150 side effects occur in as little as 2%, most often when one of the ARTVIGIL 150 ingredients is not tolerated by the person. They are not dangerous to health, are not particularly burdensome and pass quickly. The most common are headaches and dizziness, nausea and dry mouth. However, this is a very individual matter. Armodafinil is even used by politicians when they have long journeys and difficult public speeches.
ARTVIGIL 150, like all medicines,
Is ARTVIGIL 150 safe for me?

ARTVIGIL 150, like all medicines, has side effects, but these are not common and very rare. Armodafinil is considered to be one of the safest drugs, it is well tolerated by the human body. However, we must be careful when using ARTVIGIL 150 and not increase the recommended dosage by ourselves. Armodafinil works best when used properly, so read the leaflet carefully before using the drug. ARTVIGIL 150 is a great alternative to a variety of caffeine-based and guarana-based dietary supplements because it has a longer-lasting effect. This product is an excellent substitute not only for coffee, but also for energy drinks. In addition, using ARTVIGIL 150 with caffeine-based drinks can be hazardous to our health. If you have narcolepsy or excessive sleepiness during the day, the ARTVIGIL 150 is for you. It also eliminates the symptoms of fatigue. ARTVIGIL 150 usually lasts 6-8 hours, but sometimes it can last up to 10 hours, which is a much better result compared to other preparations. ARTVIGIL 150 improves concentration and well-being with dopamine and noradrenaline concentration in the right areas of the brain. 

The combination of these two hormones not only results in a good emotional state and a positive outlook on the world, but also in increased motivation. Many users declare that after using the ARTVIGIL 150, they can focus on several activities at once, which increases their efficiency at work. However, if you are under the age of 18 or allergic to the ingredients in the product, ARTVIGIL 150 is not for you. The product is also contraindicated for people with heart diseases and blood system disorders. The preparation cannot be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women as it may cause undesired effects. Each drug is best used after consultation with a physician. Despite the fact that ARTVIGIL 150 is available without a prescription, we must be sure that it will not harm us. Use of ARTVIGIL 150 with alcohol may also impair liver or kidney function, and combination of armodafinil with caffeine may cause heart rhythm disturbances. Do not exceed the recommended dose of the preparation in 150 mg, as this may cause sleep problems.

Where can I get ARTVIGIL 150? 

ARTVIGIL 150 is a safe drug, but it is not available in a regular pharmacy. This medicine is available on-line, we can order it on the website and pick it up in the most convenient way for us, the courier will deliver it to our home or we will pick it up ourselves in Inpost parcel machines. Ordering via the Internet is also perfect for people who do not have time to spend a few hours at a doctor's appointment. ARTVIGIL 150 is sold as white tablets. One tablet contains a daily dose of armodaphinil, i.e. 150 mg. An information leaflet is included with the product. The packaging in which ARTVIGIL 150 is stored ensures that the product is transported and stored properly. One package usually contains 10 tablets, but it is possible to order a larger quantity of the preparation.

ARTVIGIL 150 is considered to be an effective and safe medicine, but it is a medicine, so it has some side effects. They are not common, they occur in a small number of users. Take the drug orally with a small amount of water. The effects of the most common drug use in humans include headache, dizziness, anxiety, nausea and sleep deprivation. To avoid possible side effects, read the leaflet and use the preparation properly. The side effects are easy to bear, pass quickly and do not interfere with everyday life. To avoid possible undesired effects, consult a physician and read the leaflet enclosed with the preparation. In order for the drug to work properly, we need to apply it a few hours after the start of work. Swallow the tablet and drink it with water. It is best to use the product separately from meals, because it will work faster. Artvigil 150 is a drug that is usually well tolerated. However, it may cause undesirable side effects in some people. They are rare and are described as mild.

They may appear during the first few weeks of taking the medicine and usually disappear after about 2 weeks. The following are rare: headache and dizziness, urticaria, swelling of the lips, face or tongue; very rare are breathing difficulties or palpitations of the heart and low blood pressure. It is necessary to consult a doctor if you take medicines: Alprazolam, Amphetamine, Aripiprazole, Bupropion, Cetirizine, Cholecalciferol, Cyanocobalamin, Duloxetine, Escitalopram. In order for this medicine to work properly, you should read this leaflet carefully and pay particular attention to how ARTVIGIL 150 tolerates other drugs. It is best to consult a physician before combining this medicine with other preparations. ARTVIGIL 150 may increase or decrease the effect of its action depending on the use of other products. Particular attention should be paid to drugs lowering blood pressure. It is not advisable to combine ARTVIGIL 150 with antidepressants on your own, as this may cause the opposite effect of both drugs. ARTVIGIL 150 should also not be used with products that affect liver enzymes or kidney function. Patients must also avoid using ARTVIGIL 150 together with medicines that contain pseudoephedrine or ephedrine.
Contraindication for Artvigil 150 is:
- hypertrophy of the left ventricle
- depression
- mitral valve prolapse syndrome
- arterial hypertension
- liver diseases
- cardiac rhythm disorders,
- alcohol dependence
- hypersensitivity to Armodafinil
- pregnancy and lactation period.

Is ARTVIGIL 150 addictive? 

Armodafinil, as a means, is not addictive. ARTVIGIL 150 makes you feel better and more concentrated, but it's not a drug and it's not physically addictive. That's one of the reasons why thousands of people around the world are in favour of using it. ARTVIGIL 150 improves your concentration and motivation to live, so you can miss it when you're not using armodafinil. However, this does not mean that without it, a person will not be able to work or study in the future. Armodafinil only helps people in a difficult moment of their lives, it is not necessary in stressful situations or in situations when we act under pressure of time or in the case of an overload of work.

How to order and store Artvigil 150? 

Artvigil 150 is a safe and proven drug, unfortunately we cannot buy it in stationary pharmacies, but we can order it online. The parcel will be delivered to your home by courier or to the In-post parcel box. Orders placed on our website are shipped immediately. Artvigil 150 should be stored in a dry and shady place, at room temperature, i.e. about 20-25 degrees Celsius, in a place that is inaccessible to children.

Most of us, people studying or working professionally, complain about tiredness, sleep deprivation, irritability. Stress has become the norm in our lives, fatigue, sleep disturbances, poor moods and constant annoyance are our everyday life. The lifestyle we lead forces us to be as productive, focused and focused as possible, and does not leave room and time for rest and relaxation. How to cope with situations like this, how to add energy and force our brain to make more effort and efficiency? Artvigil 150 can be a golden mean for our troubles. Artvigil 150 what is it, how does it work and for whom is it intended? It is a drug that improves concentration, increases our productivity, efficiency, helps us to focus as much as possible. It's a brain-supporting drug. Artvigil 150 contains 150 mg of armodaphinil, a substance that affects the activity of a certain area of our brain, responsible for the rhythm of sleep, wakefulness and vigilance. Armodafinil was approved in 2007 by the Federal Food and Drug Agency in the USA as a safe for health, it is a stronger version of the commonly known modafinil, which means that its effectiveness is revealed after taking a smaller dose of the drug, and its duration of action is longer. It is used in the treatment of excessive sleepiness during the day, narcolepsy, shift of sleep disorders caused by work and obstructive sleep apnea. Opinions of Artvigil users are very positive, which is why the drug has become so popular among people whose work requires the highest concentration. But not only intellectuals reach for Artvigil, it is also used by people who work hard physically or in shifts. Artvigil gives a huge portion of energy, which is completely different from the one after caffeine or other well-known energetics. It is natural, lasts longer, allows for greater concentration, productivity and maximum focus. 

Artvigil 150, or rather the armodafinil contained in it, acts as an inhibitor of dopamine transport and an inhibitor of reuptake, so we can say that it strengthens our brain while forcing it to work better and more effectively. Artvigil 150 is especially recommended for people who have difficulty concentrating or have a slower reaction to various external stimuli, who work under pressure, as well as for students who have a difficult field of study or simply - little time and a lot of study. Artvigil 150 will give us an increase in energy while reducing fatigue, help us process information faster, increase our motivation to act and improve our well-being, and improve our ability to remember. Artvigil 150 how to use it? Its effect starts to feel after about 60 minutes after swallowing the tablet, and the duration of action lasts from 6 to 8 hours, but it can be extended depending on our individual biological characteristics and can last up to 12 hours. It is not recommended to take more than one tablet per day. Usually it should be taken in the morning. However, if you want to have a night-time activity, you should take it in the evening. Do not exceed the recommended dose of the drug. The tablet should be washed with water. Artviigil 150 is very well assimilated by our body and completely eliminated from it within 24 hours. Artvigil 150 is not a drug, so it is not an addictive measure and it does not cause sleep problems either.

The vast majority of the causes of concentration disorders, problems with concentration and memory are not caused by diseases, but by our way of life, work and learning in a constant hurry and stress. The  main factors influencing our problems are:
- stress, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, family and professional problems:
- too little sleep, irregular lifestyle
- diseases causing pain
- diseases such as: alcoholism, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar affective disease
- working in difficult conditions.

Most of these factors can be theoretically eliminated or at least reduced, but theory does not always go hand in hand with practice. Our lifestyle is not always fully dependent on us, most often we can not afford to sleep longer, rest or slower pace of work, we live in a constant run and lack of time. Each of us can be overtired, stressed, injured, getting up, in a constant hurry, overwork at work and at home, all this makes us lack energy and we cannot function normally. We cannot change our lifestyle and completely eliminate the stress that accompanies us every day, but we can help ourselves in a different way and try to minimize the negative effects. For people like us, Artvigil 150 is a product that improves our mood and concentration, is not a drug and does not addict us physically.



I recommend I bought again, it's okay.


I think it works like other products with this composition sold by the competition. Good price :)


An effective preparation for little money. Noticeable effect after just a few days of use.


I bought it for rehearsal because I have a hot period at work. It acts as a sedative, but not a sedative, but it gives you strength to act.


Fast delivery, securely packaged. Original product.

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