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Active substance: 

DAPOXETINE 60 mg (delays ejaculation, increases intercourse time)

 Operation time:

up to 12 hours.

Beginning of action after consumption:

The drug starts to work after about 30 minutes.

Number of tablets per blister:

10 tablets (You buy as many tablets as you want, you don't have to buy the whole blister)

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POXET - 60 is a drug containing the active substance depoxetine 60 mg. Dapoxetine delays ejaculations and prolongs the duration of intercourse. It occurs in doses of 30, 60 and 90 mg. It is recommended to start the treatment with a dose of 60 mg. If the effects are too great, then reduce the dosage to 30 mg, and if not sufficient, increase the dosage to 90 mg. The drug is available as round blue tablets. The preparation is an effective remedy for premature ejaculation and better control. By taking the drug, we regain control of ejaculation. Poxet-60 dapoxetine can be taken with or without food about 1 to 3 hours before sexual activity. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medicine. The active substance of the preparation is depoxetin. The mechanism of action of the drug is associated with inhibition of serotonin. The drug is absorbed after oral administration into the body and affects the receptors. It works best during the second hour after taking the tablet.

Stress is an absolute disease of the 21st century. It causes not only emotional disorders or fatigue, but also affects our sex life. Erectile dysfunction is found in every third Pole. However, it is worth understanding that erectile dysfunction does not only include erectile dysfunction, but also premature ejaculation. This is a very serious problem in the sexual life of every man. It causes dissatisfaction and disappointment on the part of both the man and the partner or partner. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common erectile dysfunctions. It is found in 20-30% of men around the world. What problems can premature ejaculation cause? Continuous or almost continuous occurrence of this disorder causes a lack of satisfaction and satisfaction of the needs of the partner in the relationship, a sense of shame, frustration, reduced sense of value in the role of a man. All this can lead not only to avoidance of sexual activity, but can also lead to serious mental disorders such as depression. To take care of yourself and your partner's needs in a relationship, you should consult a doctor and define the cause of the disorder. However, premature ejaculation is often caused by temporary problems in life or lack of regular intercourse. In any case, it is sometimes worthwhile to seek help from the outside, or rather POXET-60 dapoxetine dapoxetine. The ejaculation is a natural and uncontrolled reflex, so a man cannot prevent it. POXET-60 dapoxetine dapoxetine is one of the few drugs that are designed for men suffering from too rapid ejaculation disorder, which prevents them from having a satisfying sexual intercourse. The product is developed by Sunrise, a company that enjoys great popularity and trust among its customers. Dapoxetine has a complex effect on the male body, so it not only delays ejaculation, but also improves mood, motivation and energy.
POXET - 60 is a drug containing the active substance depoxetine 60 mg.
What is dapoxetine and how does POXET 60 mg dapoxetine work? 

POXET-60 dapoxetine is a modern and carefully developed drug by Sunrise. This medicine is sold all over the world. The preparation is suitable for many men. Dapoxetine is the first step towards a healthy sex life. This is a SSRI drug and helps to treat PE. Dapoxetine is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. In simple words, POXET 60mg 60mg dapoxetine stops the brain's feedback impulse that causes ejaculation. In addition, the drug improves the emotional state, strengthens the feeling of satisfaction and adds strength. POXET-60 dapoxetine will make a man and his partner experience new, clearer feelings during sexual intercourse than before taking the tablet. The preparation allows you to experiment and try new things in sex. A man and his partner can be sure that ejaculation will not occur too quickly after taking the drug. Its effect is quite fast and the drug lasts more than 4 hours.

How and when to use POXET-60 dapoxetine? 

Every man with an erection problem dreams of a long and healthy sexual relationship with his or her partner. However, not all of them know about the existence of drugs such as POXET 60mg dapoxetine. This preparation is characterized by good assimilability and is well tolerated by the human body. Moreover, the effect of its action is quite fast and the effect of its duration is really noticeable. The drug should be used by men who have erectile dysfunction, or rather premature ejaculation. This medicine is recommended for people aged 18 to 65 years. POXET 60 mg dapoxetine should be used before meals and should not be combined with alcohol. It is best to apply the preparation one or two hours or two before sexual contact. POXET 60 mg dapoxetine is a tablet that you should swallow and drink with water. For those who do not suffer from premature ejaculation but want to prolong the duration of intercourse, a lower dose of dapoxetine - 30 mg - is recommended. The preparation is designed for men and men, so it is not intended for women.

What are the contraindications of POXET 60 mg dapoxetine? 

This medicine is scientifically researched and is safe and often used to treat sexual disorders, it also has contraindications like any other medicine in the world. There are few contraindications and they are obvious and logical. The drug is not intended for women or people under the age of eighteen. The product should also not be consumed by men suffering from liver or kidney disease. This is due to the fact that the drug can strain the liver or kidneys and disturb the basic functioning of these organs. It is not recommended to consume the drug while drinking alcoholic beverages. Do not use the drug in people taking drugs with high nitrate content. It should also be emphasized that taking the drug together with a meal may slightly prolong the time of waiting for the desired effect. However, it is not significant. When we are not sure whether we should take this preparation it is best to first consult a doctor to be sure that sexual intercourse will be really safe and enjoyable. However, POXET 60 mg of dapoxetine can be considered one of the most effective preparations on the market for use by people with sexual disorders.

Why is POXET-60 mg dapoxetine popular?

Extended duration of sexual intercourse and new intimate experiences cause that more and more men suffering from ejaculation problems reach for this drug. Its popularity is also due to its effectiveness. Users declare that sexual intercourse will be prolonged by 200-300%. The second positive effect, which occurs in many men, is to increase energy and improve mood. POXET 60mg dapoxetine makes intimate experiences more expressive and unobvious. The drug also allows for spontaneous sex, thanks to the fact that the effect of dapoxetine is longer than 4 hours. A study conducted in 2013, in which more than 6,000 men took POXET 60 mg of dapoxetine, showed that 97% of them noticed an improvement in the quality and duration of sexual intercourse. This means that the preparation is effective. In addition, side effects occur in only less than 2% of men using dapoxetine. Therefore, it is not surprising that many men use drugs containing dapoxetine. Their effectiveness has been scientifically proven in clinical trials, and users often call it their lifesaver.
Another advantage of this preparation is that it is cheaper than similar drugs. This does not mean that it is of inferior quality. Simply put, POXET 60 mg dapoxetine is designed for men of all classes. Users also indicate that the effect of POXET 60 mg dapoxetine is better than that of similar preparations.

Is POXET 60 mg dapoxetine addictive? 

The answer to this question is unequivocal. POXET 60mg of dapoxetine doesn't make men addicted. This drug can certainly be considered one of the safest drugs among the drugs for erectile dysfunction. POXET 60mg dapoxetine is a quick response to a sexual disorder. In many cases, premature ejaculation causes additional stress and discouragement to intimate life, so it is worth reaching for POXET 60 mg dapoxetine. Premature ejaculation can lead to mental deterioration and a sense of disappointment on the part of the partner. Therefore, the preparation, which does not in any way addict a man, is highly recommended for use in such a case. The only thing that can make you addicted after using POXET 60 mg of dapoxetine is your self-confidence and the pleasure you will experience after using this product. Sometimes it happens that a man after regular use of POXET 60 mg of dapoxetine feels worried about having intimate intercourse without the drug. This anxiety and stress can cause a recurrence of the problem. Every user of this preparation must be aware that erectile dysfunction is a serious problem and requires treatment. However, we cannot ignore the fact that POXET 60 mg dapoxetine is used to treat premature ejaculation. Doctors have shown that POXET-60 dapoxetine is completely safe and should be used when premature ejaculation occurs.

Can POXET 60 mg of dapoxetine be bought without a prescription? 

Drugs for erectile dysfunction are often associated with drugs that we can get only after consultation with a doctor and with a prescription. However, POXET 60 mg of dapoxetine you will get online, which is a great pleasure for users of this drug. POXET 60 mg dapoxetine is an extremely effective and safe preparation and is therefore available without a prescription. This is very convenient for many users as it avoids awkward conversations and queues. For many people, erectile dysfunction is a very difficult subject to discuss, they do not want anyone to know about it, especially a third party. Ordering POXET 60mg 60mg dapoxetine online will also help you avoid situations where, in the presence of third parties, you have to ask for a medicine in a pharmacy. POXET 60 mg dapoxetine can not only be purchased safely but also anonymously. However, when you order a medicine online, you should be careful not to get a fake one, so you should order it from reliable online shops. POXET 60 mg dapoxetine, like any other drug, has side effects, however, the preparation is accompanied by a leaflet that is very clear and understandable. Side effects occur very rarely and are harmless and pass quite quickly. Such effects include headache or back pain, heartburn, redness of the face or feeling of a clogged nose.

According to statistics, 17 million Europeans are already affected by erectile dysfunction. This is a widespread problem that affects 10% of men in the world. Still, despite the development of medicine, this is a taboo subject for many men affected by this problem. Driven by their own inhibition and shame, they avoid consulting a doctor, hoping that the problem will be solved by themselves, that it will pass with time, and that they will return to their former sexual condition. The first step to take in order to start treatment for impotence dysfunction is to admit to yourself that the problem is indeed one. We can talk about a pathology in this matter when the disturbances occur in 75% of the attempts made, and this condition persists for a long time. One-off cases are absolutely not a cause for panic - anyone can get hurt. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which it is impossible to obtain and/or maintain an erection long enough to have full sexual intercourse. An erection is a physiological response of the body that begins at a spinal erection center. Through the chemical reactions taking place in the body, the smooth muscles of the penis expand, and the cavernous bodies contained in it are filled with blood. In order to maintain the erection, it is necessary to block the veins under the penis cover. Of course, apart from the biological and chemical dependencies, a kind of erotic stimulation is also necessary. The stimulus in question is a sensual experience - tactile, visual or auditory - but also an imagination or awareness of potential sexual intercourse.

The effect of erectile dysfunctions, which are left to their own devices, is an underestimation of their self-esteem, which deepens with every unsuccessful attempt at sexual intercourse. This leads to a deterioration in both mental and physical condition, the relationship with the loved one is disturbed. Lack of willingness to have sex, lower and lower libido are just some of the long-term consequences of not curing this disease. Its causes can be found, among other things, in the lifestyle we lead. Unhealthy, oily diet filled with processed food, lack of exercise and any physical activity lead to clogging of blood vessels, through the formation of fat deposits, which has a direct impact on blood circulation in the body. It is slowed down so that the blood does not reach everywhere in the amount it should reach. Another reason for this type of disorder are all drugs - from cigarettes, through alcohol, to drugs. All of these substances more or less impair the functions of the body, influencing, among other things, our sexual performance. For example, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day increases the risk of potency problems by up to 75%. Toxic compounds contained in cigarettes attack the reproductive system, significantly reducing the amount of sperm produced, and also narrowing blood vessels. It is the cardiovascular system diseases of different origin that are one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. The flow of sufficient blood to the penis is necessary to achieve a permanent erection. If, for one reason or another, the flow is even slightly impaired, potency problems can occur. Hormone-based diseases and certain medicines taken to combat these diseases can also have a significant impact on sexual health. The hormonal economy of the body is so delicate that even a slight imbalance can be unpleasant and lead to temporary or permanent impotence. When listing possible causes of erectile dysfunction, the psychological or emotional side of the problem cannot be omitted. Stress, tiredness and overwork are the most common diseases of civilization, which have a lot of health consequences. It is difficult to demand that after a dozen or so hours of work, full of stress and haste, turn into a volcano of desire and sex.

Poxet-60 dapoxetine is a drug that can help solve erectile dysfunction. Through its active substance, dapoxetine, it significantly improves the quality of our sex life. This drug significantly delays the flow of information to the brain, which allows for prolonged stimulation of the penis, which does not lead to immediate ejaculation. The dose of the active substance contained in one tablet is 60 mg, which in most cases is sufficient to achieve the desired effect for men with premature ejaculation, which is one of the most common erectile dysfunction. The side effects of taking Poxet-60 dapoxetine are very rare and are so delicate that they do not interfere with the functioning of our body in a noticeable way. These include headaches, back pain, heartburn, redness of the face or the feeling of a clogged nose. They pass quite fast and have a very mild course. The mechanism of action of the drug is based on inhibition of serotonin production. Thanks to using it, it is possible to regain full control over ejaculation.

The drug should be taken under strict supervision of a physician, and the use of the preparation is not recommended for people who:
- recently suffered a stroke or heart attack.
- treated with any preparation which releases even trace amounts of nitric oxide or nitrates.
- suffering from severe kidney or liver failure.
- suffer from an incision.
- have a risk of inheriting degenerative retinal lesions.
- have lost their sight.
- For health reasons, they should not engage in sexual activity.

Poxet-60 dapoxetine does not tend to produce dependencies in the body, which means that dependence on it is not possible. It is certainly one of the safest drugs to fight erectile dysfunction. By affecting our receptors, it causes a rapid reaction of the body, so we can forget about the stress and shame associated with premature ejaculation. The prolonged duration of sexual intercourse and the potential opportunities and new experiences it brings are the reason why this drug is becoming increasingly popular among men with premature ejaculation problems. Its effectiveness is very highly rated, prolonging the intercourse even two or three times, which is an astonishing effect. An additional advantage of taking this substance is that it improves mood, mood and energy. The efficacy of the drug has been clinically proven. In research on a group of several thousand men, as many as 97% of them noticed a significant improvement in the quality and length of sexual intercourse.

Potency disorder is a disease with which you can really win back and enjoy fully regained sexual performance. The first step should be to consult a doctor - admitting the problem is not a cause for shame, but, on the contrary, proof of responsibility and, consequently, masculinity. Taking the recommended medications in the right doses can definitely be helpful to win this fight. If one substance has not proven itself in our country, it is worth reaching for another one, because there are more and more drugs of this type, so the selection according to individual preferences becomes easier and easier. Taking Poxet as directed by your doctor is completely safe, so we should not focus on possible side effects, but on the beneficial effects of a successful sex life on our well-being, relationships and even everyday life. Problems with such a delicate cheese as the intimate sphere are still, to some extent, a difficult and reluctant topic for us to deal with. It is important to understand, however, that sexual problems are not embarrassing and should be approached as any other disease affecting our bodies. Therefore, consultation with a specialist doctor is such an important step, without which a complete cure will not be possible. A specialist will select the most appropriate and effective treatment method and help to establish a follow-up plan.

Erection is an extremely complex process that is not as simple as it might seem. Hormones, our psyche and physical condition, as well as the way of life we lead, influence the creation of a correct and satisfactory erection, which satisfies us and our partner. Often our psyche is blocked and does not allow us to achieve sexual satisfaction. That is why it is so important to take action as soon as possible, not to avoid tactics, but to face up to the problem. With appropriate therapy, a return to the former sexual function is more than possible. This problem should not be underestimated as it has a direct impact on many other spheres of our lives. Neglecting the intimate sphere, we condemn ourselves to ever lower self-esteem, a decline in self-confidence and self-confidence, and finally depressive states. The breakdown of a relationship, by hiding the problem from the partner, out of shame that we will not be understood, is another aspect of "sweeping the problem under the carpet". The problem cannot be solved on its own, so delay in making a decision on treatment is an act to the detriment of oneself. Drugs such as Poxet-60 dapoxetine are an excellent and very effective tool to fight erectile dysfunction.



Poxet recommended me to my friend and honestly that was the best hint from his side! I am grateful that I listened to it and ordered it for myself, they helped to fight my fast ejaculations. I can have sex a lot longer now. I rate five-star pills!


Effective pills. I've had trouble with a longer relationship. I used many preparations, condoms and "magic" techniques about these psychological ones, not forgetting. They didn't work very well. According to me, the most effective pills are poxet pills.


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Ideal quality in relation to price, I have not had to deal with a better product before. It works on an ad hoc basis. Sex is so much better! Unbelievable orgasms. lengthens the time of intercourse, the partner also has a new experience. I've learned to completely control my ejaculation!


A great product that works 100% well.


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