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Active substance: 

SILDENAFIL 100 mg (stimulates sexual attraction and increases excitement in women)

The time for which sexual function will be restored:

up to 6 hours.

Beginning of action after consumption:

The drug starts working after about 40 minutes.

Number of tablets per blister:

4 tablets (You buy as many tablets as you want, you don't have to buy the whole blister)

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FEMALEGRA - 100 is referred to as viagra for women.

Reduced or no desire for sex, significant reduction in libido - these are the most common sexual dysfunctions in women. According to estimates, up to 40 percent of women may be affected by this problem. Until now, the medical market has not had the means to solve this problem. Potency drugs were a category of drugs intended only for men. Luckily, the modern medical market is meeting the needs of women with this problem, allowing them to feel the maximum sensations during sexual intercourse with their partners. 

An important aspect of this type of disorder is the realisation that the libido is not at a constant level throughout our lives. Often the lack of willingness to have sex is not due to any deterioration in our health, but it is a signal that the body is just getting older. That's not a reason to panic. Libido usually wakes up during puberty. It usually reaches its peak around 30 years of age and before the menopause. This is not, of course, a rule - it is a very individual matter. Libido can be bigger or smaller, we talk about a problem when its level suddenly drops dramatically or disappears at all, and with it any sexual activity of a given woman. The causes of these symptoms may vary. Headaches, fatigue, stress - these are the most commonly used excuses in case of chronic lack of willingness to approach a partner. The decline of the libido is a complex process that is conditioned by seemingly unrelated intimate causes. The decrease in libido may be affected by hormones, medication and various diseases. 

The atmosphere in the relationship is also important here, as possible conflicts between partners may exacerbate the lack of sexual desire. The willingness to have sex does not have to accompany us all the time, but if the libido drop persists for a long time, it is worth checking out what the reason may be. There can be plenty of them, from those easy to eliminate such as sleep deprivation or lack of sleep to the serious ones related to the general well-being of our body.

Below are some of the most common causes of libido disorders:
- Hormonal disorder;
- Drugs - lack of willingness to have sex may be caused mainly by drugs lowering blood pressure, sedatives, antidepressants or psychotropic drugs;
- Conditioners - Smoking and alcohol abuse adversely affects the functioning of the whole body, including the intimate sphere. The body, which is dependent on these drugs, does not feel the desire to satisfy sexual needs;
- Stress and fatigue;
- Diseases - the causes of libido decrease can also be found in systemic diseases. A significant reduction in sexual needs may be caused by: anaemia, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and cardiac diseases, hypertension, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, as well as viral hepatitis;
- A difficult situation in the relationship - conflicts and disagreements about how to meet needs in the bedroom have a direct impact on the decrease in libido. The situation is exacerbated by a lack of self-confidence or complexes in front of the sexual partner. It also happens that during a relationship there is a so-called change in the sexual perception of the partner, e.g. after the birth of a child;

The first symptoms of libido drop are not alarming enough to require a doctor's appointment. Their cause is usually stress and general fatigue - the most popular civilization disease of our times. Sometimes it is enough to let our body rest, and the symptoms disappear spontaneously. Reduced willingness to have sex can be a consequence of fear of pregnancy or low self-esteem for attractiveness and sexuality, as well as complexes. Most often, however, the low libido is a consequence of our unhealthy lifestyle. When, despite the attempts to eliminate the problem, the problem does not disappear, it is worth reaching for drugs improving sexual performance, such as Femalegra. 

This medicine contains the active substance sildenafil, which in natural conditions, i.e. in response to sexual stimulation, restores the proper libido state in women. Femalegra is designed to eliminate the lack of sexual desire in women with reduced libido, sexually cold or unable to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse. The active substance of this drug causes excellent blood circulation in both the genital organs and other erogenous zones of a woman (including nipples), making these areas extremely sensitive and susceptible to sexual stimulation, introducing a state of sexual excitement. In addition, Femalegra is a drug that significantly affects the sensations felt during orgasm, increasing and prolonging them. It allows you to experience multiple orgasms even in women who have not experienced them before, by increasing the sexual stimuli you experience. Femalegra is an oral preparation that should be taken approximately 45 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. It is worth noting that before taking the drug, the consumption of abundant, heavy meals and large amounts of alcohol should be limited, as they may affect the effect of the drug, significantly reducing it. Properly taken Femalegra shows its action from 6 to 12 hours. The drug should not be taken more than once a day. The following health problems deserve special attention when taking this medicine:
- Peptic ulcer disease;
- Cardiovascular problems;
- Allergies to the drug ingredients;
- Heart problems;
- It should not be taken by pregnant women;

In individual cases, the drug may not give the same results as it should. It is strongly advised not to increase the daily dose of the drug by yourself (as recommended in the information leaflet), and it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor. If you plan to start treatment with Femalegra while taking antidepressants or drugs that affect your blood pressure on a daily basis, you may also need to visit him.

FEMALEGRA - 100 is referred to as viagra for women.

Femalegra's activities include, but are not limited to
- Significant improvement in libido;
- Increases durability;
- Makes it easier to achieve an orgasm;
- Intensifies sensations and stimuli during intercourse;
- Increases the desire for sex;
- Increases vaginal hydration;
- Improves vaginal and clitoral blood supply for increased sensitivity;

The action of the drug is based on the active substance sildenafil, which, as already mentioned, effectively improves the blood supply to the female genitals, making them much more sensitive and susceptible to stimulation. Sildenafil is an organic chemical compound used to treat libido disorders. When taken as recommended, it is completely safe. In the case of exceeding the daily dose of the drug, adverse effects may (although they do not have to) occur, such as redness of the face (the drug increases blood pressure), general weakness, trembling of hands, mild fever or difficult breathing. In case of any of these symptoms, it may be necessary to consult a physician. This does not change the fact that, if taken correctly, studies have shown that the drug is extremely effective. This is a kind of revolution in the medical market, because until recently, the subject of sexual disorders only concerned men. They were the only ones who had the means to solve such a problem. Femalegra is a women's answer to them - it is sometimes called "women's or women's viagra". It was created for women who are looking for opportunities to improve their sex life.

Satisfaction with sex is an essential part of our lives. Of course, we can do without it, but in this way we deprive ourselves of an essential aspect of life, we deprive ourselves of the pleasure flowing from it, resulting in total indifference and coolness. Many women are pushing the problem away, trying to deny it and run away from it. Avoids close-ups and under every possible pretext evades the two of us for a moment. This is a detrimental effect on itself, because with today's medical development, the pills for increasing libido are easily available and quickly and effectively solve the problem. Giving up sex lowers self-esteem, weakens relationships and relationships with partners, and has a significant impact on the overall well-being of the body. Femalegra works primarily on the circulatory system, expanding the light of blood vessels and increasing their patency, which allows a better blood supply to individual organs. Vasodilation is caused by the action of the active substance (sildenafil) on the endothelium of blood vessels. As a result of the state of excitement that accompanies us during intercourse and increased blood flow after taking the drug, achieving and maintaining sexual satisfaction is possible again. 

It is important to remember that Femalegra is not an aphrodisiac and the necessary element of its action is a kind of stimulus - it can be both sensory sensations (tactile, auditory, visual), as well as images of erotic content, or awareness of potential close-ups. In combination with the action of the active substance of the drug, it significantly affects the improvement of libido in women, and thus the improvement of their sexual life.

It was agreed that only men could have problems in sexual intercourse, or that only men could be treated or eliminated. Nothing could be further from the truth; women are also experiencing their problems related to their lack of willingness to live together, their reduced libido and their unwillingness to have sex. Usually, the problem of unwillingness to have sex with women is a problem in the psyche rather than in physicality. Of course, men's problems with erections are much more pronounced and noticeable, they are more difficult to brand, but sexual coolness, reduced libido, difficulty in achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse, reduced sexual desire, are common problems of many women. It is estimated that 20% of women have such problems. They result from various reasons, such as fatigue, stress, little exercise, poor diet, alcohol, other stimulants, or simply from periodic hormonal fluctuations in women. 

The problems, as in the case of men, concern different occupational groups, age groups and inhabitants of different regions of Poland. Very often it happens that a woman "pretends" to experience a feeling, not wanting to cause annoyance to a partner or disappoint his expectations, simply plays a satisfied and satisfied lover, in fact forcing herself to a sexual act, not feeling any pleasure in it. Libido wakes up with puberty, then at the age of thirty and before the menopause a woman has the greatest desire to have sex, with age this desire weakens. FEMALEGRA with the active ingredient sildenafil comes to the aid of women in such situations. It has to work at the cerebral level, because women are more likely to have sexual problems at the psychological level. It is currently one of the few products on the pharmaceutical market that enrich the sexual experience of women during a sexual act. And yet women also want to feel a sexual attraction, desire, and finally experience satisfying sex and orgasm. 

The active substance FEMALEGRA causes excellent blood circulation in the genital organs and erogenous zones of a woman - vagina, clitoris and nipples. Thanks to this, these places become extremely sensitive to stimulation, causing a state of sexual excitement. FEMALEGRA is a drug that enhances sensations during orgasm, eliminates the effects of lack of urge, enables multiple orgasms during intercourse and enhances the quality of sexual stimuli. It seems that there are several neurotransmitters that play a fundamental role in sexual desire, but there are two particularly important ones: testosterone, which causes the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, which causes its presence to decrease. The key to proper sexual functioning seems to be the right balance between the two neurotransmitters.


FEMALEGRA is a pink tablet for oral use. Its main active ingredient is Sildenafil. It should be drunk with a lot of water. It is best to swallow medicines with water, because water does not carry the risk of changing the time of absorption of the drug into the body, and thus changing the time of its action. It is important not to combine it with a lot of alcohol and fatty meals, as this will make it harder to absorb and less effective. You can of course drink one or two glasses of wine to improve the mood or create a good, light atmosphere, but do not consume more alcohol. It's best to take it okay. 45 minutes before the planned sexual act, then giving time for the drug to work can be sure of its effectiveness and that it will provide the expected experience.

 FEMALEGRA works for 6 to 12 hours giving the woman's body the readiness to be ready for sexual experience and willing to start sexual intercourse. It should be used once a day. However, it is advisable to leave a time bracket for yourself, so that it does not turn out that in a specific case sexual readiness persists a little shorter. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations because it guarantees full satisfaction when recommending FEMALEGRA as recommended. The desire to take the sexual act is influenced by many factors, fatigue, bad diet - too little vegetables and fruit, too much meat and fat, little exercise and alcohol, cigarettes and stress (the latter is the most difficult to deal with). 

That is why FEMALEGRA is so important in the pharmaceutical market and its effectiveness and safety is so desirable. A small pink lozenge may contribute to the fact that we will see the world differently, that there will be more joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, beautiful sensations and pleasures in it. Because it is available without a prescription, does not cost too much, and its effectiveness also thanks to its active ingredient sildefanil, the most researched active substance contained in the potency pills, is confirmed, it has become a revolution in the pharmaceutical market among drugs for problems with libido, sexual coldness or reluctance to have sex.


This information is included in the package leaflet. It is a safe drug and an average healthy woman can take it. It is a medicine for occasional use (before the planned sexual intercourse), and not for continuous use. However, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about your own problems before you decide to take it. It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. There are indications when you should not take FEMALEGRA, and certainly consult a specialist for the disease:
- Heart problems
- cardiovascular problems
- ulcer disease
- allergy to drug components
- should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women.


- Improves the libido
- Makes it easier to achieve orgasm
- Increases durability
- Intensifies sensations and stimuli during intercourse
- Increases vaginal hydration
- Improves vaginal and clitoral blood supply for increased sensitivity
- Increases your willingness to have sex

Successful sex and satisfying sexual intercourse are very important in human life. It is connected with high or low self-esteem, with appreciation of your femininity and the fact that you appreciate it by your partner, and finally with the sense of trust and being needed (needed). A successful sex life is to some extent a guarantee of a lasting, cool relationship in which people not only live together but also talk, support each other, joke and have sex. 

Problems with sex in a relationship can even lead to breakups or betrayals. Therefore, it is important to talk to the doctor and try to deal with problems with libido, coldness or lack of orgasm in a simple way. FEMALEGRA is then helpful, effective and easy to get. Problems with libido occur at different ages, it is worth knowing how to deal with them or experience unnecessary stress, disappointments and nerves.


In the case of FEMALEGRA, the side effects are minor, short-lived, and not every woman may experience them. This is an entirely individual issue and depends on many factors. The main ingredient of FEMALEGRA is sildenafil, a well-known chemical compound for potency drugs. If you are not allergic to this ingredient, the medication you use according to the leaflet is safe. Adverse reactions may include: headache, facial redness, blockage of the nose, indigestion, hypersensitivity to light, rarely nausea. However, they are receding quite quickly. It is popularly known as the VIAGRA FEMALEGRA for women or the Viagra for women; the difference is actually in colour, blue for men, pink for women. 

Both tablets have the same function, which work effectively. They are to make the sexual intercourse of the partners satisfactory, to make it happen and to bring pleasure, joy and fulfillment, without tension, stress or nerves, that they will not "prove themselves". FEMALEGRA is a safe drug, but it is worth using it with full awareness, knowledge gained from the manufacturer's leaflet and according to the instructions contained therein. Men and women have a right to satisfactory sex and intercourse, therefore the pink pill for women is what the blue pill for men is, a guarantee of full experience and pleasure of the sexual act.


FEMALEGRA, as a safe medicine is allowed to sell without a prescription. It can be purchased at the pharmacy and online shops. Price comparison is of course important, but it should be bought in reliable places and not necessarily always drastically cheapest. Shopping in an online shop guarantees anonymity, or the medicine can be delivered to a PO box address, further increasing the anonymity. The parcel is carefully packed, also even if the courier leaves it e.g. with security guards, it still does not know what it contains. Anonymity is a very important aspect of the use of potency drugs. Women, like men, often conceal the fact of their own sexual coolness, libido problems or unwillingness to have sex. 

Although they know how important this aspect of our life is, they often move thoughts away from each other, "cover" them with other actions, try to cope in different ways, for example by pretending to be an orgasm or simply forcing themselves to have sex. Nothing worse. Sex is supposed to be the pleasure of partners, not the hard work of one of them. Conversations with a friend will help a little, but it is best to just go to a specialist and talk about your troubles. FEMALEGRA is a small, easily available lozenge, effective and inexpensive "for all evil".



Super action! Last time I gave her a wife and she started freaking out like never before. I recommend


I am satisfied with the femalegra, I have used it several times and it meets my expectations.


Product used only once, but it worked....., we'll see what happens next. Greetings


Super pills at a good price. Effectively increases the libido and the desire for intercourse. I believe that it is worth paying such a price for the highest quality product.


I had very big problems with libido for more than 3 years, I was struggling with this problem. I have been using Femalegra for a long time and I am delighted! I used different preparations, some of them worked better, others worse. I briefly recommend it.


after testing more expensive competition I found that there is no difference (in my case) so why overpay

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