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Active substance: 

SILDENAFIL 100 mg (stimulates sexual attraction in women)

The time for which sexual function will be restored:

up to 6 hours.

 Beginning of action after consumption:

The drug starts working after about 40 minutes.

Number of tablets per blister:

4 tablets (You buy as many tablets as you want, you don't have to buy the whole blister)

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LOVEGRA is a Viagra for women.

Lovegra is a drug that, according to various sources, helps women to have a better and more satisfying sex life.

Like Viagra, Lovegra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate. The vaginal area becomes more sensitive and the amount of vaginal fluid increases, so that the woman can enjoy sexual intercourse more intensely. The action of sildenafil is to block the enzyme, phosphodiesterase type 5, which is responsible for the decomposition of c-GMP. This leads to an indirect increase in the concentration of this compound in cavernous bodies. The effect of nitric oxide on their smooth muscle tissue is therefore increased. The release of nitric oxide begins under the influence of sexual stimulation, which is a factor necessary for sildenafil to work. In people with pulmonary hypertension, sildenafil increases the concentration of cGMP in the smooth muscle cells of the pulmonary vessels and causes their relaxation, which may lead to their enlargement.

Lovegra is effectively used in the treatment of reproductive disorders in women, mainly as an anti-social agent, because it increases the feeling of orgasm. Moreover, taking Lovegra increases the hydration of the vaginal mucosa - which is beneficial for women suffering from hormonal disorders, including those related to menopause. Lovegra increases the level of feminine libido, making women feel more like having sex.

Women allergic to sildenafil citrate or any of the preparation components should not take it. Lovegra's common side effects include visual disturbances, dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders such as stomach pains, nausea and vomiting, as well as diarrhea. There was also observed redness of the facial skin accompanied by the feeling of heat. The above side effects appear only for a while and then disappear - this is related to the body getting used to the therapy, so do not worry too much about them. Serious side effects that may occur after taking this product include breathing problems, chest pain, especially persistent cast-iron pain, sudden increase in heartbeat or irregular heartbeat - these symptoms usually appear shortly after taking the drug. According to clinical trials, only 1% of all patients report such serious side effects.

The preparation is in the form of coated tablets. It is intended for oral use. Do not exceed the recommended doses as this will not increase the effectiveness of the drug and may harm your health and life. If you have any doubts about the use of the preparation consult a physician. Recommended dosage: 1 tablet 30 - 40 min before sexual activity. It is not recommended to use the preparation more than once a day. Taking this medicine during a meal may delay the start of the action.

LOVEGRA is a Viagra for women.

Men's potency medicines have been on the medical market for many years. Starting from the classic, best known "blue tablet", through its many deputies, companies that offer their substitutes - cheaper and equally effective. These pills have changed the lives of many men, and therefore, their women, allowing them to fully enjoy a successful sexual life.

In today's world, the subject of sexual disorders is no longer a strictly male subject. More and more women are bravely talking about the loss of libido, lack of desire for sex, inability to achieve sexual satisfaction. Pharmaceutical companies have met these women, creating a means that allows them to enjoy intercourse and enjoy close-ups with their partners to the full. Lovegra is a drug designed for women, allowing them to experience a deeper, more sensual experience. Better blood supply to the genitals makes the body more sensitive to touch and susceptible to sexual stimulation. Lovegra contains a dose of 100 mg of sildenafil, which is an organic chemical used to treat sexual disorders. Moreover, the drug has other, specially selected substances that make it more easily assimilated by the body. This substance is well known for years and was thoroughly researched by scientists all over the world and for many years by men in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Now that detailed research has been carried out, the sex of beauty can also benefit from the benefits of using this product. It has been adapted to the specificity of a woman's body in specialist laboratory conditions, thanks to which women can also improve their sexual life in a noticeable and significant way. The drug works primarily on the circulatory system, expanding the light of blood vessels and increasing their patency, which allows a better blood supply to individual organs. Women who, for physiological reasons, have not yet had full satisfaction with the close-up, with appropriate sexual stimulation - an essential element of the drug's action is stimulus - may be both sensory sensations (tactile, auditory, visual), as well as images of erotic content, or awareness of the potential close-up - combined with the action of the drug's active substance, may count on a significant impact on the improvement of libido, and thus on the improvement of their sexual life.

Lovegra 100mg is a drug that is chosen by more and more women struggling with the problem of sexual drive disorders, thanks to the fact that it works in an extremely simple way and at the same time is extremely effective. 

After penetration into the blood, the active ingredient allows it:
- Significant improvement in libido;
- Increases durability;
- Makes it easier to achieve an orgasm;
- Intensifies sensations and stimuli during intercourse;
- Increases the desire for sex;
- Increases vaginal hydration;
- Improves vaginal and clitoral blood supply for increased sensitivity.

A frequent reaction to the existence of this type of medicine for women is disbelief and doubt. In the case of the opposite sex, this is not the case, as drugs for potency have been available on the market for many years. In addition, women are much more cautious when it comes to choosing medicines to maintain a safe hormonal balance. Lovegra is not a hormone pill, so it does not affect it in any way and is completely safe. Does not affect the monthly cycle, does not change the frequency or intensity of the period, does not provide protection against unwanted pregnancy. This medicine is intended exclusively for use by women. Although the composition may be confusingly similar to potency tablets and indeed we are dealing with an identical active substance, but unfortunately it is completely differently prepared, there are other auxiliary and complementary substances - the male drug works much harder and more decisively, which in the case of taking the drug by a woman can be dangerous. That is why the pink Lovegra 100mg tablets are intended for use only by women. This is an absolute rule, there are no exceptions to it, about which we can read both in the drug leaflet, as well as we will hear it from a specialist doctor during a potential consultation. Following this rule will allow you to safely take the medicine and enjoy its effects. Lovegra 100mg is designed to work perfectly with women's bodies and is dedicated to women. So surely we should not mix it with other agents containing sildenafil, nor use it interchangeably with other agents containing sildenafil. It remains completely safe for women of practically all ages, except for accidents where we had serious cardiovascular or cardiac problems. In such cases, the use of the drug may not be advisable. In case of any doubts, first of all consult a physician, who will surely advise you properly and answer all questions and doubts concerning the effect of the substance on our body and the safety of its use. Skilful use of drugs such as this will certainly have a positive impact on the sexual performance of women and will allow them to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. 

Other contraindications for taking the drug may be:
- Peptic ulcer disease;
- Cardiovascular problems;
- Allergy to drug ingredients;
- Heart problems;
- It should not be taken by pregnant women.

Both women and men often start to have sexual problems with age. More and more frequently one can encounter a phenomenon called "female impotence". The principle is more or less the same as in the case of male problems, but in this case the blood cannot get into the clitoris area and thus the clitoris is not properly bloodied, and the sex itself does not give us pleasure. Lovegra 100mg is an extremely powerful, effective and specific agent for our body. 100 mg of active substance, which is in this case sildenafil, will undoubtedly help to regain sexual function, which is important for us. Lovegra 100mg is a drug designed for women who are not able to fully regain sexual fitness and get the right level of satisfaction in this matter in a natural way. This often results from a purely physiological problem in which a badly blood clitoris is no longer susceptible to sexual stimuli. In this way, the possibility of having sex that satisfies both partners is blocked. Instead, we often experience pain or discomfort. This medicine was created to combat problems where our sex life does not bring us little or no satisfaction, achieving orgasm becomes extremely difficult, despite the strenuous efforts of our and partner, and in addition, we feel physiologically that our body does not work as it should. In case of any doubts, you should of course consult a specialist gynaecologist or sexologist. In less complex cases, the family doctor also often has the knowledge to advise on the use of measures such as this. Consultation with your doctor, as well as a thorough review of the leaflet accompanying your medicine, will help to dispel any doubts about taking Lovegra. Women are afraid of potential side effects, undesirable effects and the effects of tablets. This is perfectly understandable, because Lovegra is something completely new, so we do not know how it will affect our body and how it will react.

Sildenafil as an active substance found in Lovegra, has no addictive effect, so using the drug even for a long time will not cause the body to develop dependence. Like all medicines, Lovegra can also cause some side effects and there are some contraindications that will not allow us to safely use this substance on ourselves. It is a relatively safe drug, but of course, in case of any of the above mentioned contraindications, it is recommended not to take Lovegra therapy. However, in most cases, when we are dealing with a woman who enjoys even average health, there should be no major contraindications. Lovegra 100mg should not be used in the environment of other drugs if they are mutually exclusive - all these drugs are included in the enclosed leaflet or once again we can ask the doctor in charge of our therapy. It is also important not to combine this substance with alcohol and beverages with even a small admixture of alcohol. This may not only impair the action of the active substance and make us unhappy with it, but also increase the side-effects of its use. It is also necessary to remember not to exceed the recommended dose of the product. The maximum daily dose is exactly one tablet of this substance, so after it stops working, we should not take another one under any circumstances. It's worth choosing Lovegra if you care about safety - it's at the highest level and we shouldn't worry about possible side effects, which do occur, but are small and usually quickly pass away. So we can definitely use a drug like this and be confident about the safety of our actions and enjoy a successful sex life again, which has a major impact on our overall wellbeing, self-perception and partner perception. The results of the research show that the sexual pleasure we get is incredible and we will finally regain the joy of this area of life, which is undoubtedly extremely important for many of us.

Sexual life is a very important sphere of human life, both male and female. Men are probably more likely to talk about their sexual conquests, they confirm their sense of masculinity, usefulness and self-esteem as a macho. Women don't boast about their prey unless they tell each other about their own sexual experiences among their friends. Men, in a male group, do not analyze their failures and sexual misfortunes, they do not talk about them at all. Women can talk about their problems with libido, their own sexual coolness, their difficulty in achieving orgasm or their unwillingness to have sex. It is a very difficult subject, matters are intimate, but very important. However, it is not always enough to talk to friends, sometimes it is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist and go to the doctor. It turns out that we hear far less about 'sexual' problems of women than men, but this is probably due to the fact that women talk about their problems simply in a closed circle and less often admit that they have problems with this sphere of life, believing that perhaps it is not important as in the case of men. This is, of course, linked to the traditional role and place of women in society. What aren't women talking about? What secrets do they keep from the whole world? One of the female secrets is the ailments associated with inadequate vaginal hydration, which causes pain during penetration, as well as abrasion of the membrane, which lining the intimate places. Pleasure becomes a real hell for a woman who cannot cope with this problem. It prevents co-existence, and when it comes to rapprochement, it has nothing to do with love rapture.

Many women also suffer from anorgasm, which is a lack of orgasm. For a man, it is the woman's orgasm that is the tangible proof that she has been fully satisfied. Women who are unable to summit are often deceived, in short: they pretend to be orgasmic. The remorse that accompanies this translates into a general psychological and emotional state of women. Lack of excitement is a big problem, because a woman often avoids close-ups. He does not want to have sex and is not able to satisfy his partner's needs and consequently his own (hidden) needs. This can lead to understatements, quarrels, injuries, loss of closeness, betrayal or relationship breakdown. Until now, a problem that was perceived as affecting only the male part of society has become greater than can be imagined. Sexual disorders in women are more and more common. It is certainly influenced by the lifestyle and other factors causing such a state: the environment in which a woman was brought up, the values and sexual education of parents or lack thereof, conflicts in relationships, a stressful lifestyle, fatigue and a large number of duties, affecting excessive mental and physical strain, inadequate technique of sexual intercourse, lack of conditions that would favor intimacy, diet poor in magnesium, selenium, calcium, vitamins. In such a situation you should change something in your life, try to avoid stress, work on relationships, talk to your partner, may change your lifestyle a little, take more exercise, improve your diet. You should also consult a specialist, go to a doctor and try to remedy your own sexual coldness and libido drop. A pink tablet - LOVEGRA, a woman's viagra - can help to restore sexual performance and enjoyment of sex. It combats vaginal dryness, improves blood circulation and clitoris blood circulation, restores sexual drive, you can also feel more intense sexual experience during vaginal stimulation. The desire for sex becomes greater and the libido of the woman significantly increases, which makes the man also feel happier. The main component of LOVEGRA is an active substance, Sildenafil, which is one of the best researched and effective components of drugs for potency and treatment of sexual disorders.

A few words about the manufacturer: 

Ajanta Pharma is a specialist Indian pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of high quality finished doses of medicines. Involved in "Serve Health Care Needs Worldwide", it produces a wide range of specialist products for various therapeutic segments for the treatment of patients, tailored to each market. It currently operates in 30 countries around the world and employs more than 7,500 people worldwide. The company philosophy clearly emphasises the needs of our customers and the use of state-of-the-art technologies to present innovative solutions. The company's institutional activities include deliveries to various government bodies in India and supplies of anti-malaria products under WHO-approved programmes in Africa. Ajanta team members are committed to fulfilling their mission; to "meet global healthcare needs through Empathy, Innovation & Technology.

How to use LOVEGRA?

 The tablet LOVEGRA should be taken approximately 30 minutes before the planned intercourse. Its action lasts for approx. 60 minutes. The active substance is 100 mg of sildenafil. This is the recommended daily dose of the drug. LOVEGRA should be taken as recommended by the manufacturer in the information leaflet or as recommended by your doctor if another dosage is recommended. Drink plenty of water, preferably not carbonated at room temperature, not juices, not carbonated water, not milk, not alcohol and not hot liquids. These types of liquids can change the ph, they can dissolve the coating on which the pills are covered faster. Consequently, it may lead to a change in the time of LOVEGRA absorption and change the reaction time of the body to the active substance, reduce the effectiveness of the drug. The drug is safe for the average healthy adult woman with sexual disorders, sexual coolness, reduced libido. However, there are situations when you should not use LOVEGRA, and you should inform your doctor about it, and there are also appropriate information contained in the leaflet of the drug manufacturer.

WHEN NOT TO USE LOVE GAMES? Do not use this medicine in the following situations:
- Pregnant;
- Past heart attack or stroke;
- Cardiovascular diseases, in particular ischemic heart disease;
- Low blood pressure, below 90/50 mmHg;
- Hypersensitivity or allergy to the active ingredient or other substance present in the medicine;
- Use of nitrate medications;
- Kidney or liver failure;
- Diagnosed leukemia;
- Retinal degenerative changes.

LOVEGRA and alcohol? 

Alcohol should generally not be combined with any medicine, it can be either harmful, or it can change - weaken the effect of the medicine. In this case, the LOVEGRA action may prove ineffective or less effective, which will spoil the planned romantic evening and there will be no satisfactory sexual intercourse, and yet you take LOVEGRA to experience a wonderful experience, feel a sexual attraction, achieve orgasm. Therefore, it is better to stop at one glass of wine for pleasure and "crème" and guarantee yourself and your partner a successful, satisfying sex and enjoyable moments.


 It is not only men who have a problem with the willingness to have sex and get satisfaction from it. Nowadays, sexual disorders related to sexual coolness, unwillingness to have sex or difficulties in surviving orgasms are more and more frequent in women. After all, women have the same right to enjoy sex and sexual intercourse as men, which is why it is so important that viagra for women, a pink lozenge with an active substance - sildenafil - be launched on the pharmaceutical market, which will restore the joy of sexual intercourse. The manufacturer of LOVEGRA is Ajanta Pharma, a world-renowned company producing pharmaceuticals for sexual disorders in women and men, listed on both stock exchanges in India. 

Using LOVEGRA in a situation where you have a problem with sexual disorders gives certain benefits:
- There's a growing desire for sex;
- The libido is growing;
- A woman is ready to have another sexual intercourse faster;
- Orgasm is easier to reach;
- The experience and enjoyment of sex is even greater;
- The woman gets rid of the problem of vaginal dryness and pain during the close-up.

LOVEGRA SIDE CONTACTS: For full information on the recommended dose and side effects of LOVEGRA, please refer to the manufacturer's information leaflet. Possible side effects occurring during LOVEGRA intake are short term and not burdensome. These include heartburn and nausea, vision disorders, hypersensitivity to light, dizziness and headaches, facial redness, rhinitis and nasal patency problems. However, they are receding quite quickly. The appearance of side effects while taking a medicine is an individual matter, depending on the individual person who is taking it. Some people feel these side effects more strongly, others less, and not yet others at all.


 LOVEGRA is a safe drug, which is stated by the manufacturer in the information leaflet. It should of course be used in accordance with the manufacturer's or doctor's recommendations. It shouldn't be taken more than once a day. LOVEGRA can be purchased at a pharmacy or online shop. The latter option ensures complete anonymity. Packages are packed in a way that ensures the security of the shipment, but also that the buyer is anonymous. Even if the courier leaves the shipment with security, for example, it is not clear what is inside. LOVEGRA's prices are not too high, which is why it is an easily accessible medicine. LOVEGRA as a viagra for women works well in intimate situations, guarantees successful sex and good intercourse.



A colleague at work recommended these pills to me. I've tried and I'm satisfied.)


They helped me a lot. I'm glad I'm happy.


I recommend this product. The wife was happy and I was even more pleased.


reacts to the product ;), even after a few hours you can feel a GROWTH difference ;)

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