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Active substance: 

SILDENAFIL 150 mg - dose 50% higher than in the popular Viagra drug (restores sexual fitness)

 The time for which sexual function will be restored:

up to 5 hours.

 Beginning of action after consumption:

The drug starts to work after about 30 minutes.

Number of tablets per blister:

10 tablets (You buy as many tablets as you want, you don't have to buy the whole blister)

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SEXTREME Red Force is a drug containing the active substance sildenafil. The drug is available as round, red tablets.

Sextreme Red Force is used to treat erectile dysfunction (sometimes called impotence) in adult men who are unable to achieve or maintain a penile erection (erection) sufficient to achieve satisfactory sexual intercourse
. Sexual excitement is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of Sextreme Red Force.
Sextreme Red Force 150 mg can be taken with or without food about 20 to 40 minutes before sexual activity. Sextreme Red Fortce may be delayed if taken with a high-fat meal. Taking this medicine during a meal may delay the start of the action. The maximum recommended frequency of use is one tablet per day.
Sextreme Red Forfce has the same active ingredient as Viagra, Kamagra, Filagra and others. However, this drug is more powerful. Because in viagra, camagra, etc. the active substance is 100 mg, and Sextreme Red Force is as much as 150 mg.

The active substance of the preparation is sildenafil. In the conditions of sexual stimulation it restores the disturbed erectile Sextreme Red Force 150 mgmechanism causing an increase in blood supply to the penis. The erection mechanism is activated by nitric oxide, which is released in the cavernous bodies of the penis during sexual stimulation. It causes a number of chemical transformations that lead to the relaxation of smooth muscles in cavernous bodies (directly responsible for this process is a compound called c-GMP). Cavernous bodies are filled with blood and erectile dysfunction. The action of sildenafil is to block the enzyme, phosphodiesterase type 5, which is responsible for the decomposition of c-GMP. This leads to an indirect increase in the concentration of this compound in cavernous bodies. The effect of nitric oxide on their smooth muscle tissue is therefore increased. The release of nitric oxide begins under the influence of sexual stimulation, which is a factor necessary for sildenafil to work.
In people with pulmonary hypertension, sildenafil increases the concentration of cGMP in the smooth muscle cells of the pulmonary vessels and causes their relaxation, which may lead to their enlargement.

The use of the preparation is contraindicated in persons who are
simultaneously treated with preparations releasing nitric oxide and nitrate -
in whom sexual activity is not indicated (e.g. in the case of the following persons: -
who are simultaneously treated with preparations releasing nitric oxide and nitrate -
in whom sexual activity is not indicated (e.g. in the case of the following persons: - who are
treated with preparations releasing nitric oxide and nitrate).
people with severe cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris or severe heart failure
)- who have lost sight in one eye as a result of unrelated anterior ischaemic neuropathies of the optic nerve, regardless of the cause -
with severe liver failure -
with hypotension (blood pressure below 90/50 mmHg
)- after a recent stroke or heart attack -
with hereditary degenerative changes of the retina.

Why buy Sextreme Red Force? 

First of all, it is very profitable to buy this medicine. The blister contains 10 pieces of red tablets. Sextreme Red Force contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, which has been known for many years, but it is much cheaper. This is because the preparation is produced by another pharmaceutical company, so it must have a different name, which is less known. However, its action is the same, with the difference that it is half as powerful, because Sextreme Red Force contains 150 mg of sildenafil and Viagra or Kamagra only 100 mg. Sextreme Red Force 150 mg is a drug that was developed later than Viagra, therefore it has some upgrades that do not give so many side effects. So you can use it with a sense of security and fully trust its effectiveness. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly working in their laboratories to improve the currently available preparations on the market. This is also the case with potency funds, especially since there is quite a lot of demand for them.

Despite the fact that problems with potency are commonly associated with older men, they are nowadays encountered by younger and younger people. The reason for this is a stressful and unhygienic lifestyle, which often affects young men. Therefore, even they can reach for measures to treat impotence disorders, such as Sextreme Red Force 150 mg.

Many patients with erectile dysfunction today know that they no longer have to accept that older age or a stressful life situation will herald the end of the joy of sex. Thanks to the potency pills, many men enjoy full sexual performance and, consequently, regained self-confidence. This is the most important thing not only in sex life, but also in life in general. The men who discovered that they could enjoy sex again with Sextreme Red Force 150 mg, noticed that their relationship with their partner had improved, they were also more calm and joyful every day. This translates into success at work or social success. You've certainly noticed that bed trouble makes you dull and nervous. So don't wait for the situation to get hot and result in conflicts in your relationship. Every woman likes to feel desired by her partner. Sex is a very important part of our life, thanks to which we relax, fulfill and relieve tension. I'm sure your partner has often worn sexy underwear to make you more attractive, and you've watched bold pornographic movies to try to make your sex life more sexy. You certainly don't want to disappoint her, and the last thing you want is for her to have lack of potency as an obstacle to your fulfilment! Sextreme Red Force 150mg tablets will make you enjoy great moments whenever you feel like it, and your partner will certainly not doubt her attractiveness. Purchase Sextreme Red Force 150 mg and give your partner incredible pleasure. It is a drug that offers you the benefits of using Sildenafil at a very affordable price, a drug known since the late 1980s, when research was conducted that accidentally discovered its beneficial properties for men's problems. As early as the mid-1990s, Sildenafil was used as a potency drug, and Sextreme Red Force 150mg containing it is now very popular.

Buy cheap Sextreme Red Force 150mg Sildenafil onlineThe number of online pharmacies has recently
increased, and people prefer pharmacies that do not require a prescription for many medicines. People tend to avoid buying some medicines that they don't
think are very well known. They're asking you to stay away from these weird drugs. People are usually embarrassed by erectile dysfunction problems and asking local pharmacists for drugs for potency in local pharmacies makes everything more complicated and people are afraid they will be diagnosed. An online pharmacy on the Internet is a great solution for such problems, because there is no chance that anyone will know about the drugs for potency that you order. Due to the
changing times in these online pharmacies, much has changed, people have understood the difference between generic and original
medicines and most prefer generic medicines because of the lower costs and the same effect. One of the active substances of many medicines, which are very popular in online pharmacies, is sildenafil citrate, which is sold under the brand name Sextreme Red Force 150mg. Sextreme Red Force 150mg is sold to treat erectile dysfunction and is known from many clinical trials that maintains an erection satisfactorily throughout the duration of intercourse, has a 50% higher dose than the popular Viagra.

People also prefer to buy Sextreme Red Force 150mg online because of the cost factor, which is smaller than the original Viagra or Kamagra and even cheaper than local pharmacies. Online payment availability. People can also compare the amount of sildenafil citrate in different drugs for potency. It is a good idea to get access to a cheaper sildenafil and also a stronger generic drug containing sildenafil citrate, such as Sextreme Red Force 150mg. A recent online pharmacy survey revealed that the most frequently purchased medicines by shoppers are cheap generic drugs such as Sextreme Red Force 150mg, which contain sildenafil citrate. This survey shows how many people are looking for such drugs on the Internet. Although many online pharmacies do not ask for prescriptions for erectile dysfunction drugs, it is necessary to read studies on sildenafil drugs, including prescribed doses, side effects, contraindications and safe use of Sextreme Red Force 150mg before using them.
Although sildenafil
citrate is sold to treat erectile dysfunction and it is well known that it maintains the erection in a satisfactory manner throughout the intercourse, it is sometimes important to increase the dosage to 150 mg if you consume a fatty meal or alcohol. 

Nowadays, we buy a lot via the Internet and nobody is surprised. Thanks to the Internet, we increasingly order everyday products for home use, not just special items that are difficult to access. Also, potency funds such as Sextreme Red Force 150 mg can be purchased this way and when it comes to safety, you just have to keep the same common sense as with any other online purchase. You should therefore beware of suspicious websites and not buy funds whose composition is not clearly defined. At our online pharmacy we offer the proven Sextreme Red Force 150 mg, so you can be sure that you are not buying your cat in a bag. The composition of the drug is clearly defined, as well as its price and the amount of free of charge that we offer. Many men appreciate the online way of buying potency funds not only because of the convenience or price. First of all, it is a discreet, anonymous purchase. To this day, a large proportion of men still feel stressed by the idea that they should ask for such a medicine from a pharmacist or doctor. When you buy from us, you don't have to worry about it. Remember that online shopping is everyday today, so there is no reason to be afraid of it. The package will be packed in a way that does not reveal its contents, and the courier will deliver it to the indicated address. We also send parcels to the parcel machine.



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