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Active substance: 

TADALAFIL 60 mg (restores sexual function)

Operation time:

up to 36 hours.

 Beginning of action after consumption:

The drug starts to work after about 30 minutes.

Number of tablets per blister:

10 tablets (You buy as many tablets as you want, you don't have to buy the whole blister)

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Tadaga Super 60 

Difficulties in achieving erection or complete impossibility to achieve it - impotence disorders affect about 3 million men of different ages in Poland, this number is alarmingly high worldwide, because more than 50 million men struggle with erection problems. These results cannot be confirmed unequivocally, as many gentlemen still do not admit to their problem, which is due to shame and the fact that the taboo theme remains impotent. This is why the drugs for potency, i.e. TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil, are being developed and improved. They are intended to help men restore their sexual fitness and thus their self-confidence and joy of life. Very often, erectile dysfunction is the beginning of larger problems in a relationship. We know very well how important proximity is in relations between two people. When it is missing, it cannot be ruled out that the couple will stop feeling as much as they did before. Use TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil before something happens in your relationship that you would like to avoid

Why do you actually have erection problems? There may be many reasons for this, but knowing the cause of the problem will certainly help you to solve the problem faster and more effectively. Erectile dysfunction is directly related to the reduction in testosterone, which is characteristic of older men, usually after 40-50 years of age. During this time, cardiovascular diseases also appear, which also have an adverse effect on the erection mechanism. There are diabetics and atherosclerosis patients in the high-risk group. However, impotence may appear at a much younger age, even before the age of 30. In these cases, it is often psychogenic. Fear of sex, fear of inexperience, stress and fatigue make it difficult to have sexual intercourse. Our lifestyle, i.e. diet, physical activity and stimulants, is also very important for our sexual performance. 

TADAGA SUPER 60 mg of tadalafil is needed for:

  • Decrease in testosterone concentration

  • Endocrine, urological, neurological and cardiovascular diseases

  • Depression

  • Fatigue and stress 

  • Diabetics 

  • Abdominal, penis and pelvic injuries 

  • Lack of physical activity and poor diet 

Some factors are not dependent on you, others are directly influenced by you. Use TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil, change your habits and reach the peak of your sexual form. You still have a lot of impressions and unforgettable experiences ahead of you. 

Get back in good shape! 

Tadaga Super 60 mg tadalafil.This is the right time to take care of yourself and restore your self-confidence and confidence. TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil is a potency medicine for men with erectile dysfunction. They are not able to achieve it, it is possible only in certain situations or it is impossible to maintain an erection for a long time. This means that they do not meet the needs of their partners. The potency drug is characterized by a concentrated composition developed by specialists, in which the most important role is played by the active substance - tadalafil, found in a concentration of 60 mg, greater than in many other tablets with similar purpose and effect. TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil is a drug that we take if necessary and necessary before sexual intercourse. The recommended time is at least 30 minutes. For some gentlemen it will be about 1 hour. Everything depends on age, state of health, as well as the scale of the problem and its causes. During this time, the active substance is absorbed and causes changes in the human body at the cellular level, which are responsible for the proper erection process. TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil supports the achievement of erection and prolongs its duration, as well as enhances the sexual experience. However, it is worth remembering that sexual stimulation is necessary for the drug to work.

The drug is effective for up to 36 hours. However, it may be shorter, which also depends on individual conditions. TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil is a small tablet that will fit in your trouser pocket. You can keep them with you at all times and provide yourself with an extra portion of sexual energy at the right time. 

60 mg of tadalafil and its mechanism of action 

TADAGA SUPER contains as much as 60 mg of tadalafil, which means that in comparison with some other drugs it provides up to 3 times more active substance. For this reason, we recommend it especially for men who have had erectile dysfunction for a long time and who are so severe that it is impossible to have sexual intercourse even despite sexual stimulation and the efforts of their partner. Very often, TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil is used by men over 50 years of age who have a testosterone deficit, which is a direct cause of impotence. What is more, it has been applied to men who deal with everyday diseases, especially of the cardiovascular system, which effectively inhibit the secretion of testosterone or adversely affect the normal blood pressure, it also causes a decrease in sexual form.

Tadalafil is an inhibitor of PDE5, which supports the mechanism of erection, while initiating expansion of blood vessels and filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, and also prevents the decrease in the concentration of cGMP, a substance naturally occurring in the male body, which inhibits erection. Therefore, it has a two-way effect on the male organism. Tadalafil is currently considered to be one of the most effective erectile enhancement substances. This has been confirmed by numerous studies and tests. 

TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil - contraindications 

Every drug should be used with caution and taken in accordance with the manufacturer's and physician's recommendations. This is also the case with TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil. Remember that this is a preparation that contains a high concentration of active substance. Its action affects the mechanism of erection at the cellular level. It interferes with the human body, causing big changes in it. To make them positive, do not exceed the recommended dose, and do not use the drug in case of any contraindications. 

TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil should be reduced or completely eliminated in specific cases. 

  • The use of protease inhibitors, which are among the drugs taken by people living with HIV. In these cases, it is still possible to reduce the potency drug, but it is not always necessary to give it up completely. 

  • The use of nitric oxide donors, i.e. substances found in narcotic drugs and narcotics. Like TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil, tadalafil reduces blood pressure. The combination of the two substances can lead to a reduction in blood pressure to very dangerously low values. 

  • Pulmonary hypertension and the use of Revatio and Riociguat drugs. 

  • The pressure is also lowered by alpha brokers, so it is also recommended to resign or reduce the dose of TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil tadalafil. 

  • Sensitization to the active substance dadalafil. 

  • Ischemic heart disease, circulatory insufficiency or malignant ventricular arrhythmias.

  • Uncontrolled blood pressure, which in an unpredictable way decreases or increases to values dangerous to human health. 

  • Myocardial infarction, stroke in the last two weeks. 

  • Extremely low pressure, less than 90/50 mmHg.

  • Exacerbated glandular complaints. 

  • Severe valve disease, aortic stenosis and cardiomyopathy.

  • Retinal degenerative changes. 

If TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil is not followed, there is a risk of side effects. They are observed relatively rarely, only when a man does not follow the doctor's and manufacturer's recommendations. These include dizziness and headaches, vision disorders, fainting, mood changes, changes in heart rate and facial redness. 

TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil and alcohol are not the best duo 

Alcohol in large quantities never has a good effect on the human body, not only for men with impotence disorders, but for all of us. You must know that there are substances in it that are not indifferent to the human body, they cause changes in it, often also devastation. TADAGA SUPER 60 mg, in turn, contains chemical substances that are also supposed to cause specific changes in the body. Combining them together reduces the effectiveness of the drug and increases the undesirable effects of alcohol. We will not see the same reaction in all cases. Each organism is different, more or less resistant to the effects of individual substances. However, if you care about the high effectiveness of TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil, maximum reduction of adverse side effects, as well as safety of use, we recommend to reduce alcohol consumption before and during taking the tablet. Gentlemen who use alcohol more often every day should not be aware that the effectiveness of TADAGA SUPER may be lower. This is manifested by a longer time of waiting for its action, as well as a shorter time of action. 

TADAAGA 60 60 mg tadalafil without a prescription in our online shop 

Get rid of a problem that deprives you of self-confidence, joy of life and satisfaction with your sex life. Take care of your masculinity, which you feel is missing. Do not accept a problem that prevents you from functioning according to your own rules in society. Our online pharmacy offers you help, that is a drug for erection TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil, whose effectiveness is confirmed by satisfied patients, specialists and doctors. We'll give it to you cheaply, on promotion. We attach to the drug free of charge, thanks to which you can buy the drug cheapest. In addition, TADAGA SUPER 60 mg tadalafil is available over the counter. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consult your doctor, who will confirm the safety of your drug and propose the best dose for you. 

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