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Active substance: 

TADALAFIL 40 mg (restores sexual function)

The time for which sexual function will be restored:

up to 36 hours.

Beginning of action after consumption:

The drug starts to work after about 30 minutes.

Number of tablets per blister:

10 tablets (You buy as many tablets as you want, you don't have to buy the whole blister)

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TADARISE - 40 is a drug used in erection disorders in adult men. The active substance of the preparation is Tadalafil in a dose of as much as 40 mg. That's twice as much as in the popular Cials drug. Tadarise 40 has a long-lasting effect. The erection, after sexual excitement, lasts up to 36 hours. Tadarise 40 significantly improves erection in men with mild, moderate and severe disorders.

Tadarise is indicated for adult men with erectile dysfunction, i.e. inability to obtain or maintain a sufficiently long erection of the penis. It should be remembered that in order for the preparation to work effectively, sexual stimulation is necessary.

Contraindication occurs when a patient accepts organic nitrates in any form or in nitric oxide donors such as amyl nitrite. This is a group of drugs used to treat angina pectoris (chest pain). Tadarise 40 has been shown to increase the effect of these drugs. If you are taking nitrates in any form, or if you are not sure, contact your doctor. If you have a serious heart condition or have had a recent heart attack. If he had a recent stroke. If you have low blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure. If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to tadalafil or any of the other components of Tadarise 40. If you have or have ever had sight loss due to non arterial anterior ischemic optic nerve neuropathy (NAION).

Drink the drug with a glass of water. The effects can be seen already after about 30 minutes after consumption. If you just take the drug, it doesn't cause an erection. An erection occurs after sexual excitement. The medication lasts up to 36 hours.

Erectile dysfunction is the result of the natural aging process of the body. As a result, the level of testosterone, i.e. male hormone, decreases. In addition, older men are also more prone to neurological, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases. They weaken the ability to have sexual intercourse, and the problem is aggravated by the medication taken. In young men, erectile dysfunction occurs for other reasons, most of which are psychologically related. They fear that they will not be able to meet their partner's needs and that they will not be equal to the task. Anxiety causes stress, which is a blockage to the erection mechanism. The potency drug TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil turns out to be necessary in such circumstances if you want to feel fully male again. It is also worth using it if you have a stressful job, are often tired or are not active and do not take part in any sport. These are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, both organic and psychogenic.

How will the TADARISE 40 mg tadalafilm help you? 

It is a drug that was developed to improve erection quality in men who are struggling with potency problems. You can't have sexual intercourse because..:

  • - Is it impossible for you to achieve an erection? 
  • - You achieve erection, but only in some cases, but also then it is very difficult? 
  • - Do you achieve erection but have premature ejaculation, which does not allow you to meet the needs of your partner?

In all three cases, the drug TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil erection is efficacious. It allows not only to get an erection, but also to maintain it. Additionally, it increases your ability to control ejaculation. It is also worth noting that it shortens the time between successive relations. Your body becomes more regenerative and you can have more intercourse in less time. 

40 mg of tadalafil is responsible for this effect. It is a type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor that supports the mechanism of erection at the cellular level. Thanks to its action, the blood vessels of the penis relax, which bring blood to the penis, in such conditions the blood flows faster. For this to happen, however, sexual stimulation is needed when the brain sends a signal to the nerve cells of the penis. In smooth muscles the enzyme of guanosine cyclase is activated, transforming PGD into cGMP. It's the substance that's responsible for the erection. If her concentration is reduced, it is impossible to have sexual intercourse. Tadalafil is supposed to block the decrease in its concentration, which translates into the ability to erect and its longer duration. 

Use of TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil?

In order for TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil to be effective, appropriate conditions must be met. First of all, an active substance needs time to be absorbed by the body. That is why we take the drug about 30-60 minutes before the planned intercourse. Erection also requires sexual stimulation, so the measure will only work if there is sexual stimulation on the part of the partner. The effectiveness of TADARISE 40 mg of tadalafil is affected by foods that were eaten directly before intercourse. The effectiveness is weakened by fatty and indigestible dishes. Also try to reduce the alcohol that causes havoc in every person's body, not only if they are taking medication for erection. 

TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil will work for up to 36 hours. However, every organism is different, so you can't be sure that this will be the case for you. It depends on your diet, lifestyle and daily physical activity. During this time, however, you have the opportunity to have a few sexual intercourses without taking any more pills. Remember that 40 mg of tadalafil is a dose you can take once a day. 

Can TADARISE 40 mg of tadalafil help you too? 

For all potency drugs containing PDE5 inhibitors, there is a specific, very precise contraindication. This is due to their impact on the entire human body. Not only do they inhibit and reduce cGMP concentration, but they also reduce blood pressure. This means that those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases should be particularly careful. TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil is therefore not a universal drug that can in no way cause adverse effects in the human body. It has a strong influence on it, which in the case of a healthy person is a great advantage and thus shows such a high effectiveness. However, this is not the case at a time when we are dealing with regular use of other medicines and chronic diseases. 

TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil has found its application in the treatment of impotence and its symptoms, regardless of the causes that cause it. However, you should keep your health first and foremost in mind and if there are any contraindications, follow them or consult your doctor for any other treatment. If your illness, ailments or medications may cause undesired reactions while taking TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil, your doctor may recommend you to stop taking TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil or reduce your dose. When does that happen?

  • - If you are allergic to substances used in the manufacture of TADARISE 40. Pay particular attention to allergy to tadalafil. 
  • - In case of severe valve disease, as well as other heart diseases, such as malignant ventricular arrhythmia, circulatory insufficiency or ischemic heart disease. 
  • - If during heavy physical activity and strong emotions you experience an aortic stenosis of the aortic valve. 
  • - If you're prone to uncontrollable blood pressure. With a TADARISE of 40 mg of tadalafil it is important that it remains at an optimal level. It is not recommended for people with pressures below 90/50 mmHG. 
  • - In case of degenerative retinal lesions. 
  • - If you have had a myocardial infarction or stroke in the last two weeks. 
  • - In case of kidney or liver failure. 
  • Are you taking these drugs? 

Tadarise 40 mg tadalafilOther diseases and treatments may exclude you from the group of men who have a chance to return to sexual performance with the help of TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil. There are some drugs that, in combination with tadalafil, adversely affect the human body, and their interaction is dangerous and can cause havoc in the body. It is important to read this list of medicines before you take your first tablet. You won't always have to give up your erectile dysfunctional medication completely. Sometimes only a dose reduction will be required for safety reasons. 

Particular caution should be exercised by gentlemen who take drugs with protease inhibitors. These are commonly used substances in the treatment of HIV, but also in other diseases. Protease inhibitors, however, are not substances for which TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil must be completely eliminated. In some cases, it is only possible to reduce the dose. However, the drug cannot be used simultaneously with nitric oxide donors. We'll find them in drugs and narcotics. They not only improve the mood, but also increase the sexual ability, so their action partly coincides with that of tadalafil. Do not use TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil if you have pulmonary hypertension and therefore need to take medication such as Revatio or Riociguat. They lower the pressure, as does the erectile dysfunction drug, so a dangerously low value can be achieved when combined. Alpha blockers have a similar effect. In the case of drugs lowering pulmonary pressure, the effects of combining them with tadalafil can result in dizziness and headaches, but also in fainting and unconsciousness. Do not take this medicine even if you are taking other type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors. 

How does the body react when using TADARISE 40 and contraindications? 

One should be aware that TADARISE 40 mg tadalafil is a powerful drug that interferes with a very complex erection process, moreover, at the cellular level, and thus penetrates very important for the functioning of the body's structure. The drug should therefore be used in accordance with the manufacturer's and physician's recommendations with particular attention paid to the contraindications mentioned above. According to studies carried out, TADARISE 40 mg of tadalafil rarely causes side effects, only in specific cases when combined with certain medicines or used for specific diseases. They can also occur if you exceed the recommended dose or take a tablet after drinking a lot of alcohol.

Adverse effects include: headaches and dizziness, facial redness, indigestion, clogged nose, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, visual impairment, rash, arrhythmia, hypertension or low blood pressure, temporary loss of vision or memory. 

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Are you ready for a change? 



It's working!!!!!!! It works long and decisively. After application in the evening and intercourse in the morning you can feel the strength and boldly barbecue. 


Tadarise 40 works without side effects.


I recommend it to anyone with erectile dysfunction.


I have tried many such measures and I have not been fully satisfied with any of them. This one's a bull's-eye. At last I can do as long as the situation requires ;)


My husband says it works, so I guess I don't have to add anything from myself anymore - possibly confirm that it works :D


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